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What makes S&D Horseback Riding different from other rent strings?

Why choose Sunshine and Daydreams Horseback Riding?

With increased liability and expenses, quality places to go horseback riding are becoming harder and harder to find. Selection is limited, and it's more important than ever to find a riding stable that is right for you. While other stables opt for what is less work and more profitable for them, Sunshine and Daydreams Horseback Riding is unique in its instruction and riding policies.

Many riding stables settle for two choices: guided nose-to-tail rides or guideless rides.

Guided nose-to-tail rides usually involve a trail guide in front of the group and a trail guide behind the group, and all riders ride in a line at a set pace with little to no riding instruction since the horses are trained to follow the tail of the horse in front of them. These rides are usually mass groups involving up to fifteen riders and are at set appointments three or four times a day.

Guideless stables typically ask their riders about their experience level, then select a horse for them based on their response. For beginners or first-time riders, this can be a difficult experience since they do not have a guide, and the instruction they may receive might not be adequate to control their horse. Even experienced riders may have difficulty if they are not familiar with the trail, and can easily get lost without a guide.

Sunshine and Daydreams Horseback Riding has found the solution to these issues.

All of the rides at Sunshine and Daydreams Horseback Riding are guided by experienced riding instructors who will instruct you on how to control your horse throughout your ride. Instead of lining up nose-to-tail, riders are shown how to steer their horses left and right, and are instructed on gaging speed. Your guide will not only lead you through the trail, but also inform you on the history of the location and the facts of the local wilderness. It is Sunshine and Daydreams' goal to deliver as safe and independent riding experience as possible.

All of our horses are expected to be safe, sound, beginner quality.

The criteria for selecting horses for our stable is extremely rigid and strict. All horses must be experienced veterans in order to even be considered for our rental string. On receiving a new horse, every instructor at the stable will ride the new horse for up to several months to evaluate its qualification. This includes being safe, sound, responsive, yet calm. If a horse is not absolutely gentle for a beginner to ride, nor also responsive for an advanced rider to easily control, it is not qualified to join our rental string.

We welcome and accomodate both experienced and beginner riders.

Every experience level is taken into consideration. Sunshine and Daydreams specializes in beginners and riders with fear issues, but also accomodates advanced riders looking for an engaging ride. While many other stables have a "hang on" approach to horseback riding, Sunshine and Daydreams will never force a customer beyond their comfort zone. All rides are paced at the ability of the weakest rider in the group. If there are five riders in a group, four of which are advanced and one is a complete beginner, all riders will ride at the beginner's pace. However, advanced riders are encouraged to practice their riding skills under careful instruction from their guides if there are no beginners in the group.

You don't need a reservation to ride at our stable.

Timing is extremely important when selecting a riding stable. Sunshine and Daydreams is open sunrise to sunset, seven days a week, and is open most holidays. Due to time and employee constraints, most other riding stables require a reservation in order to ride. At Sunshine and Daydreams, we accept same-day walk-in customers based on the availability of horses and guides.

All rides are private or semi-private.

While other stables attempt to fill their queue, Sunshine and Daydreams values privacy. When riding with a date or desiring a one-on-one lesson, riding in a huge group with strangers can be very inconvenient. Sunshine and Daydreams takes this into account, and makes every effort to keep reservations private. Certain rides such as our Sweetheart Rides and City Lights Rides are reserved only for private tours which will never be grouped with other riders. So you can rest assured that your perfect date will go uninterrupted, and your riding lesson will be geared at your exact pace.

Sunshine and Daydreams Horseback Riding exercises a dedication unlike any other rent string to the riders' safety, and aims to preserve the authenticity of horseback riding. In a society that no longer uses horses as transportation, the horse community is precious staple of the old west and a reminder of mankind's beloved bond to an animal akin to man's best friend. Whether you're a beginner looking to experience the thrill of horseback riding, or a seasoned rider with a desire for more advanced horsemanship, you won't find any other stable better suited to meet your expectations and deliver a wonderful experience for you and your friends and family than right here at Sunshine and Daydreams Horseback Riding.

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