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Riding in Norco, Horsetown USA

You can't pick a better place to go riding than in Norco, Horsetown USA where the whole town is completely dedicated to preserving its ranch and agriculture environment. If you're crazy about horses, then this place will be your new Disneyland.

Norco was orginially a set of farmlands and ranches in Corona owned by the Stearns Rancho Company until 1908 when it was sold and divided up into farmlands, house communities and business. When Rex Clark took over a plot of Corona land, he envisioned the preservation of ranch and farmlife as a jewel of the hard-working individual lifestyle, a quickly vanishing community as California's city system expanded. He coined the term "Norco" as an abbreviation of North Corona, and the proud farmlife culture was set. In 1923, Norco held a grand opening, and was officially made a city in 1964.

Norco is a small town in the middle of a big city. The residents take immense pride in their farm and ranch culture, and the town shows it. Everywhere you look, you will see horses, cows, chickens, and accomodations for ranch travel. There are fenced-in horse trails instead of sidewalks and horse stalls next to the shops and restaurants. Nearly everything is old-west themed, including the Jack in the Box and Rite Aid.

Horses are ridden just as they were in the old west. Many residents ride their horses into town and tie them up outside saloons for a quick drink. As well as the old west, Norco has embraced modernity. You can spot riders on horseback waiting in line in a drive-thru. At night, riders may decorate their horses in flashy lights and reflectors to be seen by drivers in the dark.

Shopping in Norco is an addiction for the horse-lover. There are countless horse and farm-related shops along Norco's 6th St. which sell anything and everything related to agriculture and ranches. Popular shops include:

Thrifty Horse Consignment Shoppe

960 6th St # 103B, Norco, CA 92860

Norco Water Wheel Saloon

980 6th St. Norco, CA 92860

Buck's Western Wear

1157 6th St, Norco, CA 92860


1004 6th St. Norco, CA 92860

Of course, the best way to join in on this awesome community is to saddle up and go riding. We at Sunshine and Daydreams Horseback Riding offer our customers the opportunity to explore this wonderful town in our City Lights Ride which goes out after dark. There's no better way to view this city than at night when the town is lit up in festivities.

Go back in time with us here in Norco and bring out the cowboy or cowgirl in yourself that you never knew you had. Visit us at Sunshine and Daydreams Horseback Riding and take a tour through the city on horseback as you ride off into the timeless sunset.

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