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Why choose S&D Horseback Riding this Valentine's Day?

Sunshine and Daydreams Valentine's Sweetheart Ride

With so many options this Valentine's Day, it's hard to decide what to do for your special someone. If finding gift is tough, why not choose something you both will enjoy together?

Horseback riding is a unique bonding experience. In relating to your horse, it will show a side of you that you may not know you had. Whether you are beginners learning for the first time together, or experienced riders looking for a relaxing tour, riding horses will create a unique and unforgettable bond. Couple that with a private toast including Martinelli's and See's chocolates, with the gentle nicker of horses in the distance and the peaceful tranquility of the Santa Ana riverbed, you won't find a better way to spend Valentine's Day with your special someone.

Sunshine and Daydreams Horseback Riding is reknowned for its specialization in introducing beginners and first-time riders to the saddle. Because of increased liability, many other stables will group you with other riders nose-to-tail in a line which prevents anyone from trying to control their horse. At Sunshine and Daydreams, we value the privacy of groups and your ability to control your horse so that you can ride safely and securely with direction from your trail guide. Our horses are veterans with many years of experience, are selected based on their temprament and level of training, and are ridden by our riding instructors for many months prior to being added to the rental string so that they meet our very strict criteria to joining our herd. Only the kindest, most gentle and responsive horses are used for the job, and they absolutely love it!

So if you're not sure what to do this Valentine's Day, give us a call at (909) 645-1270. Don't miss your chance to have the most peaceful and romantic experience on our Sweetheart Rides, and City Lights Rides.

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