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Norco, CA

$175 per rider on Sundays

Recommended for Advancing

Intermediate Riders ages 9 and up

Enjoy the full trail riding experience!

Journey more than five miles through beautiful Southern California landscape and lush Santa Ana Riverbed. The two-hour ride will take you through thick bamboo forest, open oasis, and rolling desert plains. Begin or improve your riding skills under direction from our veteran riding instructors. Beginning adults and experienced riders welcome.

Wanting to expand your knowledge of horsemanship? The two-hour ride is the perfect opportunity to hone your skills in balance, coordination, and timing. Our instructors can show you how to effectively control higher speeds of movement and keep from bouncing or sliding in the saddle. Progression in speed is determined by the skill of the weakest rider, and individual care is given to make sure every rider in the group has achieved the proper skills before increasing speed.

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Save money on Two Hour Rides by purchasing a Riding/Lesson Block!

Purchase 5 hours of riding time for $275 use those hours for one or two hour rides weekdays or weekends and receive more in-depth training and horsemanship lessons. 

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